Tom Schroeder is an internationally recognized author, instructor and performer on the autoharp. Thousands of autoharp players have read Tom’s instructional articles and play his published musical arrangements. For over thirty years he has regularly contributed instructional articles in: The Autoharp Quarterly Magazine, The Autoharp Clearinghouse Magazine, and The Autoharpoholic Magazine. He is the author of four books of music for the autoharp. He is also the author of the autoharp section in AMERICAN FOLKLORE: An Encyclopedia (1996 Garland Publishing). As a performer and teacher, Tom has been referred to as “a master of the autoharp.” Tom’s dynamic playing style can be heard on his YouTube Channel, “TSchroeder Autoharp”. It can also be heard on his recording, An Artistic Autoharp, where he plays solo and with the American/Celtic group, Calliope. He is a two-time winner of The International Autoharp Contest. Tom performs and teaches at major festivals throughout the United States. With Charles Whitmer, he has organized the Midwest Autoharp Academy. He has taught the autoharp in the Kansas City Area for over 30 years. His beginning, intermediate and advanced students have gone on to win the International, National and Mountain Laurel autoharp contests. In 2017 he was inducted into the Autoharp Hall of Fame.

In addition to his Gathering concert sets and workshops, Tom will be teaching the Beginning Level Pre-Gathering Class.