MLAG Silent Auction

Every year one of the highlights of the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering is the silent auction that raises money to support the festival. It’s a great opportunity to donate something unique and not necessarily autoharp-related to support an event you care about and to find unique items that you probably can’t get anywhere else and know that whatever you pay for your great bargain goes to support the festival.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Remember to bring interesting auction items with you when you come to MLAG. Sure, autoharp-related items like recordings, strings, autoharp-themed jewelry or clothing, “fixer-upper” autoharp bodies and so on would be great. But don’t let that theme limit you! In the past we’ve had Barbie clothes, campground-cooked steak dinners, osteopathic back treatments, handmade pottery and quilts, and a variety of other unique items inspired only by the mind of the donor.

  2. Register your item in the auction. There will be an auction table in the main hall where you can do this by following some simple instructions.

  3. Make sure to look over the items in the auction! This is definitely good fun — you’ll be amazed to see what other people have brought!

  4. Bid on the items you’d like to take home by writing your bid on the first line available for the item you’re interested in. You have to bid at least the minimum increment listed for that item over any previous bid. Check back often to see whether you’re still the top bidder!

  5. When the lights flash at the end of intermission during the Saturday night concert, the auction is over. Be sure to check the items you bid on to see if you’ve won. There will be a table set up at the back of the main hall where you can check out and pay up.


More details at the Gathering or send a note to
Kathy Wieland or Cathy Beyer.