Lynda Cohen & Robert Grappel Recording Endowment

We are pleased to announce that George McCoy is the recipient of the 2021 MLAG Recording Endowment. Look for a new CD by George to be released at the 2022 Gathering. George joins previous winners Doug PrattJudy Dugas, Michael Poole, Doug Stuart, Cory Goodrich, George Haig, Jody Kruskal, Muriel Powers and Bob Lewis.

The Endowment Committee is now accepting applications for the 2022 award. The deadline for consideration in 2022 is May 15, 2022. Send your completed application to: Neal Walters, 12228 Hollowell Church Road, Greencastle, PA 17225.

The Cohen/Grappel Recording Endowment, generously provided by Lynda Cohen and Robert Grappel and administered by MLAG, provides a yearly grant of up to $5,000.00 for recording autoharp music and issuing a CD by qualified players who are new to recording. If you have been intimidated by the cost and complexity of recording, here is your chance! Please read the Endowment Rules and Guidelines to see if you qualify and then fill out the Application Form.


Good luck.

Bob & Lynda announce the endowment from the stage at MLAG 2010

Application Guidelines & Selection Criteria

Eligibility: The Cohen/Grappel Recording Endowment provides a Grant of up to $5,000.00 for recording an autoharp CD.  Any autoharp player(s) or Group featuring the autoharp, that has not previously produced an autoharp featured recording, is eligible to apply for the Grant.   An Applicant who has previously participated in a recording project with the autoharp in a minor role or a recording viewed as insignificant due to the age or limited availability of the recording, may still be considered eligible at the discretion of the Endowment Committee.  Any additional autoharp players performing in this project must assume a minor role and otherwise satisfy these same eligibility rules.

Recording Project: The Recording Project will be one professionally recorded CD including at least 12 cuts or 50 minutes of music.   At least 500 copies of the CD will be made.  The Recipient will have one year from the date of the Award notice to finish the Project.   Any genre or style of music is eligible.  The autoharp must be featured on at least 75% of the CD.  Vocals and other instrumentation are eligible and encouraged. 

The Endowment Grant can be used for all phases of the recording process.  The Endowment will make larger payments directly to professional and reputable Vendors and incidental expenses will be paid to the Recipient by submitted Expense Voucher. 

Licensing fees will be eligible for Endowment funding, but it is the Recipient’s responsibility to obtain the proper licenses where required.   Neither MLAG nor the Endowment Committee will bear any responsibility for failure to properly license any copyrighted material.

The CD Graphics should include a credit for the MLAG Recording Endowment. A copy of the finished CD should be provided to MLAG for our archives.

The Committee may withhold or terminate any further payments if it deems that the recording milestones are not being acceptably met. If the CD project is not completed by the next MLAG, the Endowment Committee shall have the option to terminate any further payments and to require that the outstanding amount already paid out be returned to the Endowment Fund.

Project Selection Criteria

Each year, the Endowment Committee will consider awarding a Recording Project Grant from the Applications submitted.  Applications not selected may be re-submitted for consideration in the following year.  Of the current Applications, the Endowment Committee will decide who, if anyone, should receive the Award, based primarily on the Project that shows the most potential for showcasing the technical mastery and the musical artistry of the autoharp.  While the most scrutiny will be given to the autoharp performance, technical and artistic criteria will also be applied to all elements of the CD Project.  For the Endowment Committee to make a fair and informed Award decision, it is in the best interest of the Applicant to provide as much detail as possible to reflect the full concept of their Project. 

While financial need is not a condition of Eligibility, an Applicant’s resources (or lack of resources) may be considered by the Endowment Committee when deciding between two otherwise equal Projects. By accepting the Grant Award, the Recipient agrees to the rules and conditions of the Recording Endowment