Autoharp Hall of Fame – Nominations

Nominations for inductees into the Autoharp Hall of Fame will be accepted until March 1. The criteria for selection is very straightforward: nominees should have had a significant, long-standing, positive impact on the autoharp community.

Any individual wishing to submit nominations may do so by completing the nomination form or by completing our interactive nomination form which may be submitted on line or printed and mailed. Copies of the form are permissible. Multiple nominations are permitted; however, please use a separate form to nominate more than one posthumous and one contemporary nomination. Posthumous honorees must have been deceased for three years as of March 1 to be eligible.

The honorees will be selected by a panel composed of the living members of the Autoharp Hall of Fame. Envelopes must contain nominations only and should be addressed to: The Autoharp Hall of Fame, c/o Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering, 12228 Hollowell Church Road, Greencastle, PA 17225.

The Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering shall be informed of the decision of the panel by the third week of May. The honorees shall be installed into the Autoharp Hall of Fame at the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering and announced in the Summer issue of Autoharp Quarterly® magazine. When describing a nominee’s contribution, specify his/her significance, and the nominee’s leadership role in the autoharp community.