Rules for the Bazaar Autoharp

The Bazaar Autoharp is a free forum for festival attendees to buy and sell their autoharp-related materials. It is our desire to be as liberal as possible regarding qualifying items, but vendors add value to the festival through their products and services and we, in turn, must protect their opportunity to benefit. Please keep the following guidelines in mind if you plan to sell during the Bazaar:

  1. All items must be autoharp related. 

  2. Space is limited; keep your use of it within reason. 

  3. Resale, refurbished, and “collectable” instruments will be limited to three per seller; more than that places you in the vendor category. 

  4. Used autoharp tapes and CDs, priced appropriately, are acceptable. New tapes and CDs must be recordings by the sellers themselves. Sale arrangements for non-qualifying items may be negotiated privately with registered vendors. 

  5. The Bazaar Autoharp is the only forum where non-vendors may market items for sale. Solicitation and display of sale items other than in the vending area is not permitted. Off-site sales of a strictly limited nature initiated by a buyer are not prohibited. 

  6. The decision of festival officers will be final.