A Photo Tribute

From top: with Jack and Mary Ann Johnston (Publishers of Autoharp Quarterly at the time); with Mike Seeger (an early fan of George’s ‘harps; with Mary Lou Orthey back in the dulcimer days; with Meg Peterson (widow of Glen Peterson who started the Oscar Schmidt company); and presenting the AHOF plaque to Linda Fackeldey (Mark’s widow).

With Patsy Stoneman; with John & Heidi Cerrigione; with Kathie Hollandsworth.

George and Les Gustafson Zook on the occasion of Les’s induction into the Autoharp Hall of Fame.

With Tom Fladmark on the occasion of Tom’s induction into the Autoharp Hall of Fame; with Karla Armstonrg; with Gil Palley and Bob Woodock (a.k.a. “Frick & Frack”), Mary Lou Orthey, Mike Fenton, and Betty Waldron; with Mark Fackeldey.

With Tom Fladmark and Ivan Stiles; with Marian Wood; and with Cathy Britell.

With Mary Lou Orthey, John Hollandsworth, and Betty Waldron.; with Marian Wood; and with Coleen Walters.

A panel discussion on “Improving the Autoharp” on stage at the 1992 Mountain Laurel featuring Jim Hudson, Bob Lewis and Lindsay Haisley; with Yasuo Mita.

With Scott Orthey; with Lucille Reilly and Neal Walters.

With Donna and Patsy Stoneman.

Joe Riggs reads the proclamation inducting George and Mary Lou into the Autoharp Hall of Fame.