Terms and Conditions
Assumption of Risk Agreement and Release

As most of you know, Mountain Laurel is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide their services and efforts for the benefit of us all. For obvious reasons, these volunteers cannot be held personally liable for damages to property or injuries to participants during the Gathering. For this reason, we require all participants to indicate their understanding and agreement with this principle by reading the following Assumption of Risk Agreement and Release. You cannot register online unless you click the “I accept this release” button at the bottom of the page.


In consideration of the undersigned Attendee(s) being allowed to participate in the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering (“MLAG”), Attendee(s) releases MLAG, Inc., its directors, agents, and employees, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, DCNR, (“Releasees”) from any liability for all claims, including claims for the negligence of Releasees, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, which may result or arise out of Attendee(s) attending and traveling to and from the MLAG. Attendee(s) give up all rights to sue or make a claim against releasees. I/we recognize this is a rustic camping experience, with risks of damage to property or injury to person that may occur while traveling to and from, and participating in activities at the MLAG. I/we will indemnify Releasees from claims of others against Releasees regarding any damage or injury that I/we either cause or receive. With regard to my child/children who is/are under 18 years of age (“Child”), the undersigned adult Attendees certify that they are the parents of Child, sign this Agreement and Release on behalf of Child, and assume all responsibility for the supervision of and all risk of damage or injury that may occur to or be caused by Child while attending, participating in, and while traveling to and from MLAG, and I/we will indemnify Releasees from any claims made by or on behalf of Child or others arising out of such damage or inury, including claims for contribution and indemnification. The attendee(s), intending to be legally bound, has/have read this release and has/have accepted it with full understanding of its meaning.

I/we also agree to abide by the Pennsylvania State Parks Rules and Regulations and by clicking below verify that we have clicked on the link and reviewed the rules. Copies of the rules will also be available at registration.

By checking the “I accept this release” button and registering for the Gathering I (we) indicate that I (we) intend to be legally bound, and have read this release and have accepted it with full understanding of its meaning.