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Though we’ve updated the WEB site, we couldn’t completely say goodbye to our venerable and trusty sign post. Originally designed by Ivan Stiles, the sign post has changed a bit — mostly expanded — over the years.  It no longer functions as a clickable image map but, please, enjoy the memory!

We will now walk you through the registration process; this process has been redesigned and substantially improved. We believe we have made the process both simpler and easier to navigate. Having said that, please read the instructions carefully as you work through it and you should have no problems.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to download a print version of the Registration Packet and register by mail, you can download the packet here.

We will collect the information for each person in your party, one person at a time.  Let’s start by adding a ticket for you (if there are more people in your party, we will get to them in the next step).

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