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2017 Registration Form

Welcome to MLAG 2017 ... before you proceed, please read over the following general information as there is some important information we want you to know and it will make the registration process go much more smoothly for you and for us.

We have a brand new on-line registration system this year and we prefer that your use our on-line registraton system because it ensures that all your information is correct and it makes our job that much easier. You can register online using a credit card or by direct transfer from your bank account to PayPal to pay for your registration OR you can register online and then mail a check. A PayPal membership is not required even if you pay via credit card -- you can tell PayPal that you are not a member and no information will be saved after your payment is processed. Before you start the process, please read the important information below and then click on the register online button at the bottom of this page. There is one important change in the on-line registration system that you need to note. If you will be camping, the camping will actually be a separate ticket. It initally shows up as "free" and then is updated when you enter the information about your camping. Don't let this be confusing. Also, if you are camping, the process will request information for the first person in your party immediately after the camping ticket is processed. It is important for you to click the check box that enters the personal information for the camping ticket into the personal information fields for the first registrant. If you try to enter the same information manually, the system will report an error because it thinks you are purchasing a duplicate ticket (remember, camping is also a ticket!). We will fix this anomaly next year, but all will work perfectly if you follow this guidance.

If you wish to register by mail, the entire 2017 MLAG Registration Packet is available here as a PDF document. If a window with the form in it doesn't pop up when you click on it, you probably need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download here. Before you submit your registration, please read the important information contained in the packet or on this page below.

Important Information

A full-time ticket includes all workshops and concerts from Wed, June 21 through Sun, June 25. A non-participant registration ticket includes all but the workshops. Tenting (or no connection) and water/electric connections have an additional fee and you will need to fill out the Camping Registration section of our on-line registration form. IMPORTANT: It will help us tremendously to know in advance if you have any physical or medical limitations which affect where you are situated in the campground. There is a comments field which will allow you to enter this information. Please be concise but relevant with this information and understand that we will do our confidential best with any medical information you provide. Also in the comments area, we need to know if you have a preference for a “quiet area”. If you are tenting or don’t wish any hookups, MLAG personnel will assist you in finding a site which best fits your needs. Tent sites are not assigned in advance. We’ll do our best but remember, this is a music festival.

Included in this registration packet is a site map with numbers and information relating to the services on each site. If attendance in previous years is any indication, all sites will be shared. Experience has taught us that we can’t guarantee any of the sites so you won’t be informed in advance of your site number.
IMPORTANT: Each campsite has one 50 amp, one 30 amp, and one 20 amp breaker with a maximum of 50 amps available at each site. Many modern camper rigs use a 30 amp service. Experience has shown us that campers who can use an adapter and utilize the 20-amp service or who can share/split time with their neighbors on the 30-amp box really help us make the best use of the limited service in the campground. This is not a situation that is optimal, of course, but we have no control over it and we all must “make-do” as best we can.

MLAG has arranged for the use of the campground from check-in at 3 pm on Monday, June 19 through check out at 3 pm on Monday, June 26. If you wish to arrive and set up before the Gathering officially begins (Wednesday, June 21), or stay on your site after the Gathering officially ends (after the concert on Sunday, June 25), please ensure that you fill in the arrival/departure dates section on our camping registration form to reflect the full time you’ll be on site. Camping charges are on a per night basis.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to arrive prior to check-in, which is 3 p.m. on Monday, or stay past the 3 p.m. check-out on the following Monday, you need to contact Tom Fladmark (844-994-9939, Ext. 2/ We cannot guarantee that the State will assign you to the site you’ll have during the Gathering. Though we will do our best to avoid unnecessary moves, you may have to move if you arrive prior to Monday. Also, keep in mind that, since we do have the campground starting on Monday, June 19, the Gathering does not officially begin until Wednesday, June 21. Even if you don’t sign up for a Pre-Gathering Workshop, you can expect plenty of jamming if you do decide to arrive early.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. A $25.00 administrative fee will be withheld from the total amount due for cancellations prior to May 25.
  2. Meals not cancelled prior to June 10 when the numbers are submitted to the caterer will not be refunded.
  3. Any PayPal fees that are not refunded by PayPal also will be withheld.
  4. Emergency refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis after May 25.

If you've read the important information, you're ready to register. Click on the register now button.

Useful festival information:

Mountain Laurel Toll-Free Hot Line

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